Sooner, Safer, Smarter - newsletter

The Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative is committed to keeping health providers and health sector organizations informed about progress being made in transforming the surgical care system.

The initiative's "Sooner, Safer, Smarter" newsletter will be e-mailed to anyone who wishes to subscribe: health care providers, patients and administrators who are interested in patient- and family-centred innovations occurring in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan has a plan to transform surgical care for patients. The Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative will strive to improve surgical patients' care experience and ensure that within four years, no one in the province has to wait longer than three months for surgery.

Surgeons, family physicians, nurses, therapists, health care administrators, health sector organizations and associations, health unions and former surgical patients collaborated on the plan to transform surgical care. It will ensure that Saskatchewan:

  • improves surgical experiences for patients and families

  • ensures that by 2014, no one waits more than three months for surgery

  • achieves shorter wait times that are sustainable into the future

  • provides better, safer care for surgical patients.

The work is well underway. Surgical care providers throughout Saskatchewan are adopting 'patient first' practices that have been effective in Saskatchewan, elsewhere in Canada, and around the world.

Visit the Ministry of Health website for more information about the Saskatchewan Surgical Initiative, including the Specialist Directory and Surgical Intiative Projects.