Chronic Disease Management:

CDM-QIP Payments

The Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA), Ministry of Health and eHealth Saskatchewan have been developing and implementing the CDM-QIP to promote best practices in the management of chronic illness.

This program has been designed to augment, rather than replace, the chronic disease management (CDM) visit fees (64B-68B) that physicians currently use. Physicians will continue to provide the services described in the payment schedule, and bill CDM visit fees for quarterly visits with their patients. With the introduction of the CDM-QIP, physicians will also be eligible for additional payments for collecting and submitting a subset of the flowsheet information (selected “indicator” data) to the electronic health record. These flow sheets can be downloaded here.

Physicians who participate in the CDM-QIP are eligible to receive:

  • A quality improvement payment of $75 per patient per chronic disease, for the submission of relevant chronic disease indicators over a 12 month period. Payments will be issued on a quarterly basis at the end of each patient’s 12 month assessment period (i.e. one year after the first submission indicator information), when indicators have been met for that condition. Payments will come directly from MSB as quarterly payments and will be made with the regular bi-weekly payment run.


These payments are in addition to payments included in the Physician Payment Schedule (i.e. 64B). All family physicians, regardless of payment modality, are eligible to receive the CDM-QIP payments.

For more information on CDM-QIP payments, please see:
CDM-QIP Payment Policy (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

The payment policy is maintained by the Ministry of Health and can be found on its website as well under "Related Documents."

If you have a question not answered by the policy or the FAQ, please use the following email contact to inquire further contact us.

Reminder: Please do not include any personal health information of patient(s) in your email contacting us. Support staff will request any information they need to know as they assist you in resolving your payment inquiry.