EMR Privacy Resources

The Saskatchewan Medical Association in association with its partners in the Saskatchewan EMR Program, the Ministry of Health and eHealth Saskatchewan, and in consultation with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CPSS) have developed privacy and security resources to assist physicians and their staff with implementing EMR policies and procedures to meet the expectations of HIPA and the CPSS Bylaw 23.

How to use the privacy and security resources
As a starting point, it is recommended that you first review the Privacy Step-by-Step Guide to establish familiarity with the various privacy documents included on this website and how to use them. A privacy poster is also available for display in your office.

The Privacy and Security Reference Manual is comprised of guidelines on many of the privacy and security topics physicians will have to address at some time in their practice. The guidelines do not focus solely on the needs of the EMR physician and are suitable for use by any physician developing privacy and security policies and procedures.

Sample Policy Manuals
The sample policy manuals provide examples of the policies that EMR physicians should have. Physicians must carefully review each sample and adapt it to their practice.

The templates focus on the requirements of EMR physicians and are specifically designed for physicians participating in the Saskatchewan EMR Program. Non-EMR physicians can alter these samples to meet their clinic needs.

Legislation and Bylaws