Physician Compensation Quality Improvement Program

The Saskatchewan Medical Association and the Ministry of Health provide funding from monies that were agreed to as part of the quality and access funding within the current SMA-Ministry agreement.

Eligible Sponsoring Organizations 

The Physician Compensation Quality Improvement Program (PCQIP) is now expanded to compensate physicians for eligible time they spend on approved QI training and projects that support provincial health system priorities as indicated on the Provincial Leadership Team approved system matrix.

These projects may be led by the following organizations:

• RHAs;
• Ministry of Health;
• Saskatchewan Medical Association;
• Physician offices;
• eHealth;
• Health Quality Council;
• 3sHealth; and,
• Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

As of January 1, 2016, the program will require organizations to apply for funding to support physician engagement in quality improvement (QI) work, at the rates identified.

Please note that sponsoring organizations are required to confirm approval and participation upon request.

To read the Physician Compensation Quality Improvement Program parameters and to access the application form, click here.

To read the April 14, 2016, letter from the Ministry of Health to health system organizations, click here.