SMA Roadmap Program for Students & Family Medicine Residents


We know that medical school can be busy and stressful. That’s why we’re here. Over the next few years we’ll help you stay happy, healthy and stimulated on the road to becoming a licensed physician. We’ll organize fun contests with great prizes, plan events, offer financial and personal support, and make sure that you take the time to get out and enjoy this beautiful province.

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Explore your options...

There are countless opportunities for new physicians across Saskatchewan, from big cities to small towns, southern grasslands to northern lake country – and the SMA’s Committee on Rural and Regional Practice knows trying to decide between these options can be overwhelming. So we’d like to make figuring it out a little easier and a lot more fun.

Every year, we’ll take you on tours by bus or plane, so you can explore all that Saskatchewan has to offer. We’ll show you a variety of practice choices and give you a snapshot of what you can expect out of life in each community – that way, when the time comes, you can make an informed decision and start your career with no regrets.

With all the twists and turns of medical training, all medical learners could use a Roadmap to help them get to their destination – and enjoy the trip!

For more information on the Roadmap Program, please contact:

Delilah Cerniuk, Coordinator - Community Engagement

Learn more about...

  • Events and contests
    See upcoming events and contests including our Passport Contest and rural bus tours, Essay Contest, and Photo Contest!

  • Supplies
    Access bursaries, grants, insurance and additional training.

  • Roadside Assistance
    Learn about our support programs and membership benefits or contact us any time for help.