Family Medicine Resident Bursary

The medical resident bursary program provides bursaries to medical residents who agree to provide service to a rural, regional, or northern Saskatchewan community. Eligible residents include:

  • family medicine residents at the University of Saskatchewan

  • residents who obtained their undergraduate medical degree from the University of Saskatchewan and are accepted into a Canadian university in family medicine

Successful candidates receive bursary support in the amount of $25,000 per year to a maximum of three years. Upon obtaining licensure, bursary recipients are required to provide full-time medical service in rural, northern, or regional Saskatchewan.

A comprehensive definition of full time medical practice for the purpose of fulfilling return-of-service commitments is included in the application form (link below).

Program Guidelines

Family Medicine Resident Bursary Application Form

Appeal Process - Parameters and application

Special Needs Loan Program

This program was developed in 2002 to provide assistance to students and residents, training to practice in under-serviced areas in rural, regional, or Northern Saskatchewan faced with difficult/insurmountable financial situations.

The Special Needs Loan Program provides financial assistance to undergraduate medical students and post-graduate medical residents enrolled at the College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, to assist them in completing their studies. This program is intended to be a last resort financial option following application to the appropriate Committee on Rural & Regional Practice bursary program.

In return, the recipients will be required to repay these amounts to the Committee on Rural & Regional Practice (c/o the Saskatchewan Medical Association). They will be required to repay principal only, if they agree to practice in rural or regional Saskatchewan. Recipients who do not fulfill this requirement will be required to repay principal plus interest.

Contact rsprograms@sma.sk.ca for the application form.