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SHA Health Networks Geography

The memo below was sent to physicians on Sept. 11, 2019 on behalf of:

Dr. Kevin Wasko, Physician Executive, Integrated Rural Health
Dr. Janet Tootoosis, Chair of SMA Primary Health Care Committee
Dr. Kathy Lawrence, Provincial Head of Family Medicine, Saskatchewan Health Authority and College of Medicine 

RE: SHA Health Networks Geography

Health Network geography design and validation is complete and approved by the Executive Leadership of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Through this process, small area geographies1 are now finalized, and changes to Area geographies have also occurred.

The process has resulted in 38 Health Networks:

North West: 6
North East: 8
South West: 6
South East: 9
Saskatoon: 5
Regina: 4

The establishment of geographies is foundational work that supports the ongoing development of Health Networks, which are collaborative teams of health professionals, including physicians, providing fully integrated services to meet health needs of individuals and communities.

Finalizing geographies impacts the organization of SHA’s services across the province.  Health Networks are the structural building blocks of the SHA, informing all clinical and corporate structures. They do not have hard boundaries. Rather, they support us to ensure the services offered reflect the needs of individuals and communities. Patients and citizens do not need to know which Health Network they belong to in order to receive appropriate care.

Communication publicly about Health Networks will occur in the coming weeks.

Please review the attached Q&A’s about geographies for additional information.

1 Small area geographies are primarily for public and population health reporting and surveillance. They are the smallest meaningful unit that we can report at.

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