Continuing Medical Education Fund

The Continuing Medical Education Fund assists physicians with the costs associated with continuing medical education courses and materials. Physicians may make one or more applications during a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) or may allow the funds to carry over for use in the following year. (i.e. a physician can "bank" one year's entitlement and claim for two years worth of entitlement in the subsequent year. The maximum carry-over period is one year.) Applications must be received by January 15 following the year in which the entitlement is due to expire.

Click here for a list of what is reimbursable and what is not under the CME Fund.

CME Fund guidelines
(Online) CME Fund application form
(PDF) CME Fund application form

Please note that the typical processing time for CME applications is two weeks after they are received. If you would like to know what your CME balance is, please log onto the members side of the website by clicking the "My SMA Member's Area" button to the right.

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