Why an EMR?

Are you interested in improving quality of care?  Would you like your practice to be more efficient, cutting-edge, and have a distinct professional advantage?  Do you want to attract and retain new physicians?  Research shows, physicians can benefit from EMRs.

Benefits of EMR
What you may have heard about implementing and EMR
Who is eligible
Change management services through the Saskatchewan EMR Program
Getting started
EMR software vendors

Benefits of EMR

  • Strengthen patient safety

    • Improve the quality of and access to patient information

    • Reduce clinical errors

    • Help providers keep more complete records

    • Identify unauthorized access to personal health information

  • Lower cost of care over time

    • Reduce redundant tests and services

    • Save administration costs by generating automatic reports

    • Quick and more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Quantifiable data analysis

    • Provide easier observation of trends and patterns

    • Enhance the ability to analyze data

  • Easy retrieval of patient information

    • Faster than manual file pulling and re-filling

    • Patient file is always available, less potential for misfiling attachments

    • Access Electronic Health Record (EHR) integrated services such as electronic lab results

  • Communication

    • Improve access to clinical information regarding patients

    • Improve the sharing of information between health care providers

    • Decrease no-shows

    • Forward results to other care providers directly

  • Accurate billing

    • Payment processed easier and faster


What you may have heard about implementing an EMR

  • EMR will decrease efficiency and increase patient wait times

    • Initially, most clinics experience a loss of efficiency as the new EMR is learned and implemented.  Most clinics report a good to excellent return on investment within six months of implementing EMR.  The Saskatchewan EMR Program also provides funding to physicians using EMR to alleviate some of the ongoing costs.


  • You have to be ‘tech savy’ to use EMR?

    • Technology is part of our every-day lives and has come a long way within the last 10 – 15 years; (e.g.) touch screen technology, cellular phones, medical voice recognition software.  You may not realize just how knowledgeable you are.  You will not be left alone to learn EMR!  Our EMR software vendors provide training.


Who is eligible

Most physicians in Saskatchewan are eligible for the Saskatchewan EMR Program.  This includes general practitioners and specialists in solo or group practice.  The following criteria must be met by physicians* to participate in the Saskatchewan EMR Program:


  • Has a clear clinical need for a longitudinal patient record within an EMR

  • Is a fee-for-service or contracted physician within Saskatchewan, and

  • Is not receiving similar EMR funding from another province


*Please Note:  Physicians practicing through Primary Care sites are supported with alternate program funds allocated for Primary Health Care implementations, will adopt the same standards for integration with provincial EHR services similar to the EMR program. 


Change management services through the Saskatchewan EMR Program

  • Champion Coaching (Peer support)

  • Change Management Transition Planning

  • Workflow Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Privacy and Security (including Exit Agreements)

  • Other services available upon request


Getting started

  1. Your clinic completes and Expression of Interest (EOI) application (Click here) and Clinic Readiness Assessment questionnaire.

  2. Your forms are submitted to the EMR Program at which time a Change Management Advisor contacts you to schedule an orientation meeting.

  3. The CMA discusses EMR Vendor software options for your selection.

  4. You and the CMA schedule a planning meeting with your EMR vendor of choice to select hardware requirements and arrange a Go Live date.  Privacy and Security requirements are completed at this time.

  5. Your CMA may provide additional support services beneficial to your practice, (e.g.) workflow analysis.

  6. An Application for Funding (AFF) is sent to the SMA on your Go Live day.

  7. The SMA arranges for funding to begin.  Confirmation is provided by the CMA.

  8. The CMA arranges a follow-up meeting with your clinic within four weeks after Go Live.


EMR software vendors

Physicians may choose one of the two electronic medical record vendors, known as qualified service providers:

These vendors were selected through a competitive Request for Proposal process conducted by the Saskatchewan EMR Program.

The Saskatchewan EMR Program

The Saskatchewan EMR Program assists physicians with the implementation of Electronic Medical Record systems.  Through a joint funding agreement between the Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, physicians in Saskatchewan can receive on-going support to adopt one of the approved EMR software solutions.  We can help you navigate your EMR decision from the point of consideration through implementation; you will not have to go it alone!

For more information about the Saskatchewan EMR Program and the SMAs no-cost change management support services, please contact the EMR Program at:

Telephone:  306.657.4557
Saskatchewan Toll-free Telephone:  1.800.667.3781

Fax:  306.974.0326
Email:   emr@sma.sk.ca