Fees Uninsured

Uninsured Fee Schedule

The SMA regularly publishes its SMA Fee Guide (uninsured services schedule) to provide guidance to physicians billing uninsured work, such as: insurance medicals, medical-legal reports, photocopies of charts, Workers' Compensation Board and SGI reports, as well as medical services provided to RCMP members and out-of-country residents.

For the convenience of physicians and their billing staff, the fee descriptions and rules in this schedule closely mirror those in the insured Payment Schedule.

SMA Fee Guide

The SMA has produced an 8.5"x11" poster that clinics can use to inform their patients of a number of uninsured services. From this link, you can print the poster

Medical Forms

The SMA has created a template medical certificate for physicians to report patient illness or injuries (for school, employment or other purposes). These medical certificates can be downloaded and printed two-per-page.

Third Party Forms

The SMA Uninsured Services Committee has decided that:

  • A patient's employer pays for any information requested from a physician.
  • A physician only reports about a patient's physical status, not that patient's ability to perform at his or her job.

Critical Condition Good Faith Coverage

Click on this link for information on the Critical Condition Good Faith Coverage program.