The SMA is committed to ensuring that physicians are fairly compensated for all the work that they do. We represent members in both negotiating contracts and administering negotiated contracts and are the sole bargaining agent for fee-for-service physicians in negotiating with the provincial government. It also provides a number of services to groups and individual physicians working under of considering salary and contractual arrangements including negotiation support, representation, economic and legal advice and dispute resolution.

The SMA is also responsible for the distribution of annual fee-for-service increases among the various specialty groups, known as the intersectional allocation process, and for regularly modernizing and updating the fee schedule, as managed by the Tariff Committee. This includes the establishment of new fees, as well as changes in assessment rules, fee code descriptions and clarification of appropriate billing protocols and any other facets of the fee schedule.

Billing advice and assistance in dealing with the Ministry of Health's Medical Services Plan for insured medical services is also available to all members. The SMA publishes the SMA Fee Guide for uninsured  services and provides advice and assistance with billing outside agencies such as the Workers' Compensation Board, SGI, Saskatchewan Justice and the RCMP as well as out-of-country residents.